Our services

Creation of technical drawings (engineering)

- especially transportation blueprints for heavy-weight cargo
- Preparation of principle diagrams / technical and economic justification / cargo transshipment scenarios
- Inclusion of necessary auxiliary means for cargo fastening (modes of loading and fastening cargo) by railroads, cargo trucks and vessels
- Preparation of disposition plan / site plan / cargo plan / plot / load dispatch plan / patent drawing
- Description of lifting configurations for heavy-weight cargo
- We will position your cargo on any transportation means you are interested in, using anti-skidding mats, lashing chains, form closure, support, wedges, cargo fastening belts, etc., describing it in different - projections and under different angles.
- If you want, you get it with a stamp, if you want – with your logo, if you want …

Animation / Simulation / Rendering / Design / computer graphics

Loading and transport survey

- Technical control and inspection of loading / unloading in ports and at manufacturing sites
- Provision of reports (loading report, inspection report)
- Technical route survey and creation of tractrix curves

Average adjuster

- Assessment of transport damage in all modes of transport quality and condition checks of your consignment and merchandise
- Quality and condition controls of cargoes and goods

Consulting and support for your commercial department

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Examples of transportdrawings

Industriekessel auf 2-Achstiefbett Sattel und Ladungssicherung Schwerkollo auf 12-Achstrailer Verpackung und Ladungssicherung
Umschlag ins Binnenschiff Biogasanlage Areal 1 Biogasanlage Areal 2 Rohr und Transportanalyse
Kabeltrommel auf Trailer schattiert Ladung im Container 1 Ladung im Container 2

Examples of Technical route survey

Areal Schwimdock Feriendorf 1 Feriendorf 2 Feriendorf 3

Route survey Donauhafen - .pdf download
Route survey Hamburg - .pdf download

Examples of loading and transport survey

Loading survey Rotterdam - .pdf download

Examples of tractrix

Schleppkurve1 Schleppkurve2 Schleppkurve3

Examples of rendering

Areal Schwimdock Feriendorf 1 Feriendorf 2 Feriendorf 3

Examples of animation/simulation

Video examples: in the port .mp4 download
Video examples: reach stacker lifts sements 360 degree turn .mp4 download
Video examples: foundation shipment .mp4 download
Video examples: point cloud .mp4 download
Video examples: handling volume .mp4 download

Examples of 3D PDF drawings

Please download these 3d PDF and open them with acrobat reader, which you can get here for free.
industrial kettles on 2-axle-low-deck-trailer_3D_PDF - .pdf download
Array and conception of brewery_3D_PDF - .pdf download
planning phase of a logistics warehouse_3D_PDF - .pdf download

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