Our services

  • Creation of technical drawings (engineering), especially transportation blueprints for heavy-weight cargo
  • Preparation of principle diagrams / technical and economic justification / cargo transshipment scenarios
  • Inclusion of necessary auxiliary means for cargo fastening (modes of loading and fastening cargo) by railroads, cargo trucks and vessels
  • Preparation of disposition plan / site plan / cargo plan / plot / load dispatch plan / patent drawing
  • Description of lifting configurations for heavy-weight cargo
  • We will position your cargo on any transportation means you are interested in, using anti-skidding mats, lashing chains, form closure, support, wedges, cargo fastening belts, etc., describing it in different projections and under different angles.
  • If you want, you get it with a stamp, if you want – with your logo, if you want …

Animation/Simulation (Design/Visualisation)

Besides this, we offer the following services:

  • Technical control and inspection of loading / unloading in ports and at manufacturing sites
  • Provision of reports (loading report, inspection report)
  • Inspections regarding damages during transport by all means of transport.
  • Quality and condition controls of cargoes and goods
  • Consulting and support for your commercial department