Thomas Krause, Manager

Transportation engineer/trade specialist, leading expert and draftsman with broad experience working in Germany, Ukraine, Russia and Libya.
Good connections in ports and manufacturing sites.
Additionally, has a good command of Russian (free speech and writing).
We are supported by a professional team.


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In the media:

Schiffahrt, Hafen, Bahn und Technik


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Examples of drawings:

Please download these 3d PDF and open them with acrobat reader, which you can get here for free.
industrial kettles on 2-axle-low-deck-trailer_3D_PDF - .pdf download
Array and conception of brewery_3D_PDF - .pdf download
planning phase of a logistics warehouse_3D_PDF - .pdf download

industrial kettles on 2-axle-low-deck-trailer_2D_PDF - .pdf download
Cargo on a twelve-axle trailer - picture - .pdf download
Umschlag ins Binnenschiff - picture - .pdf download
Transportation analysis - picture - .pdf download
Low-frame platform power grader - picture - .pdf download
Work area of the port crane - picture - .pdf download